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"24K GOLD" SOAP BAR 100g

FEEL THE GLAMOUR! The exclusive Gold Soap will bring celebration atmosphere in your bathroom. Due to its valuable components, i.e., gold and pomegranate extract, the soap takes care for the youth of your skin. We broke down the valuable 24 carat gold to small particles so that they can penetrate the deepest skin layers and advance restoration of cells. In Ancient Egypt the beautiful wives of pharaohs used partly ground gold for cosmetic procedures, but the modern technologies allow you to sense the power of natural treasures even more efficiently. Extract of pomegranates grown in Southern sun is a rich source of antioxidants supplementing the effect of the soap perfectly. Your skin will be toned and silky smooth. Exquisite designer fragrance will leave elegant bouquet of scent on your body. Afford yourself by bathing in gold!
JD.20.00 incl tax


FEEL A SUMMER DESSERT! Turn your bath soak into an indulgently relaxing experience filled with a mesmerising aroma. This colourful hand-crafted bath bomb is filled with salt crystals and rich-in-vitamins blackcurrant extract to pamper your skin and envelop your senses with the sweet and comforting aroma of the chilled berry dessert.
JD.5.00 incl tax


FEEL A SUMMER DESSERT! Crafted by hand with respect to time-proven traditions and experiences, this fragrant, glycerine-based soap is enriched with the rich-in-vitamins blackcurrant extract to gently cleanse, retain the necessary moisture and leave your skin lightly perfumed with the sweet and comforting scent of the chilled berry dessert.
JD.5.20 incl tax


ENJOY THE FRUITY RICHNESS! This handcrafted bath bomb entwines the room with the sweet scent of juicy forest berries as it fizzes in water. To take care of your skin during bathing, we’ve enriched the bomb with the revitalising blueberry extract, natural salt crystals and carefully selected precious botanical oils that leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and comfortable.
JD.5.00 incl tax


FEEL THE FRUITY RICHNESS! This hand-crafted soap gently cleanses your skin, embracing you in the sweet scent of the juicy forest berries. To take special care of your skin, we’ve enriched the soap with the revitalising blueberry extract and the valuable shea butter.
JD.5.20 incl tax


CHEER UP YOUR SENSES! This handcrafted soap inspired by principles of aromatherapy and filled with 5 essential oils - peppermint, lemon, grapefruit, sweet and bitter orange – will gently cleanse your skin and cheer up your mood. We enriched the soap with fine loofah pieces to lightly massage your skin and take care of its smoothness.
JD.5.20 incl tax

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  • Black currant
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  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Golden
  • Juniper
  • Sea buckthorn
  • Grapefruit essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Sea buckthorn extract
  • Apple blossom
  • Salt crystals
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Juniper berries essential oil