About us

Who we are

The world is getting faster, louder and more demanding.


Here at STENDERS, we see the world from a Nordic perspective and fully embrace the joy of missing out on things.

Coming from Northern Europe, we’re experts of ‘me-time’. Our wise ancestors believed that bathing not only cleansed the body, but also rejuvenated the soul.

Centuries of picking herbs and berries have made us nature-savvy and STENDERS knows best how to use the  power of natural ingredients in our colourful and fragrant products.

Enjoy and make unique your every me-time - whether it’s a hot bath in late evening or a quick shower in the morning.

STENDERS is declaring – it’s officially time for me-time.





Shaped by our Nordic heritage and inspired by our nature, we celebrate our legacy even in our name. STENDERS honours an outstanding figure in the landscape of Latvian history – a keen inventor, a shrewd lexicographer, true embodiment of the spirit of Enlightenment. Gotthard Friedrich Stender wrote the first Latvian dictionaries and the first encyclopaedia on the world and nature in Latvian all the way back in 1774.


By combining ancient knowledge with cutting-edge technologies, we keep his name and his mindset alive in the 21st century. He inspires us to keep striving for knowledge, excellence and creativity with the greatest respect to nature – the key element in our products and philosophy. This has been our guiding light since the very first STENDERS store opened in Riga in 2001.